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The Wedding Celebration

Date: 25th January 2003

Time: Midday 12:00

Location: Shuang Wu Hua Yuen Restaurant, Yang Ming Shan

Well, the big day has come and gone. We had a memorable day, and (as far as we could tell) everyone enjoyed themselves. When things have settled down, we'll put up some photos of the day here - however, we're now hoping that people who took their own photos will upload them to our site.

Sending us your photos

If you took any digital photos on the day, and want to share them, then we've setup a page for you to upload them to this site. Go here, to upload your photos. Click on the add photos link in the top right corner of that page, select the filename, give it a comment, and them press the upload now button. Simple!

Please include your name in the comment, so we know who took each photo. If you've got several, then try creating your own folder of photos by clicking on the new nested album link (you'll be able to rename it by clicking on the properties link after creating it). There's plenty of space on the server, so feel free to upload as many as you want ... the more the merrier.


Where it was

Below is a map to get to the restaurant, click on it for a larger view.
Restaurant Map

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