Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

I spent a happy holiday (in September '96) walking up Mount Kilimanjaro: Picture of Kili

At 5895 metres (~19500 feet), it's the highest point in Africa (the picture of it from a distance doesn't do it credit - it's BIG!). Here's a picture of the 9 of us who made it at 'Uhuru peak' (the summit) - I'm the one in the middle, who looks as though he's got a stick growing out of the top of my head!
Uhuru Peak

This is me at Gilman's Point (the top of Kilimanjaro is a volcanic crater, and this is where we reached the crater edge); you can see the crater of Kili in the background.
Gilman's Point
I've just spent the most exhausting 6 hours of my life climbing up to this point, which might explain the slightly dazed grin on my face. It's only another 90 minutes walking round the crater rim to Uhuru Peak; it should be a fairly easy walk - except for the fact that there is only half as much oxygen at that height as at sea level, and everyone was already knackered. After this it was a mere 5 & a half hours walking back down to the p. All 14 of the group I was in made it to Gilman's, which was pretty good (the going rate seems to be 1 in 6 failing to get to Gilman's point, and ~50% make it to Uhuru peak).

Here's a few random facts:

If I get round to it, i'll put some more pictures of the mountain here ... In the meantime, have a look at these other Kilimanjaro pages:

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